You may not remember me, but I worked for —— 4 years ago. One day —— gave me a tube of Hand-e-Balm to try and I’ve held onto it ever since. Three weeks ago I underwent arthroscopic knee surgery which resulted in three separate incisions around my knee. The day after my surgery I began applying the Hand-e-Balm. Within a week the incisions had healed tremendously – so much so that my doctor commented on my rapid recovery. What a great product!!  Ken – California


“I’ve had this 1 oz. jar of HandeBalm sitting on a shelf by my bed for I don’t know how long. Don’t remember when or where I got it, and had never used it. I’m a pianist and in the winter, when the furnace makes the household air so dry, I get terrible cracks on the ends of my fingers. My fingers hurt all winter long, and since I practice daily, I have had to wear band-ai ds on as many as five fingers at a time to prevent bleeding on the keys. I’ve tried everything to moisturize and heal my fingertips, and finally noticed the little jar of HandeBalm. What did I have to lose? After a week of using HandeBalm 3 or 4 times a day, all my fingertip cracks healed. As I have continued to use it, I have no new cracks, and need no protective band-aids. My fingertips are pain-free and feel smooth, strong and supple.

Thanks! It’s a god-send. Finally the winter practices are bearable.”

“Your HandeBalm is a wonder…truly! To that I say:  With over a year of undiagnosed skin problems, I found this balm to be the only answer to a very tender problem. None of the standard drug store products helped for more than an hour or so. Don’t know what is in it, but it truly was the answer to a prayer for me. A difficult problem solved completely!”
LR – California

” I’m so glad I found Handebalm. As a competitive gymnast, I can’t let blisters slow me down. After using Handebalm on a huge blister, my hand healed in just 3 days. I have started to use it every night now and my hands have gotten so much better! I love this stuff. Please don’t run out! ”
JG – Kansas

“I have been using HandeBalm for the past year. Whenever I feel a blister starting, it provides immediate pain relief and the skin heals quickly without developing into a debilitating blister. After raking leaves, even with gloves on, I had blisters and was so happy to be able to minimize the damage with the application of HandeBalm. The blisters never broke, but healed quickly. Often while hiking or running, my feet take a beating, but HandeBalm keeps me on the go. I keep it ready to use and recommend it often. It is an amazing product. I am looking forward to using the Bod e Cream Moisturizer. ”
DH – Wisconsin

“I’ve had good success with your ointment and we continue to have good success with it. Worked well yesterday when two players had small lacerations.”
JM – Dallas Cowboys

“I have been using HandeBalm on the saddle sores and I have to tell you that it is really good. I have used many things, this is really the best product.”
DZ – Cyclist

“I can’t believe how good this product is! I’ve recommended HandeBalm to several other gymnast.”
MS., Norway

“I tried 4 prescriptions from 3 different doctors for an itchy rash. None worked. HandeBalm is the first and only product that has worked for me. I use it often for dry skin, too.”
HS – California

“I was so enthusiastic about HandeBalm that I took samples of it to my diabetic support group at my Veterans Hospital. The entire group of diabetics now uses it, especially on their legs and feet.”
EB – Washington

“I’m a construction worker and because of this I use HandeBalm on my hands all the time for blister and rough skin.”
EF – Texas

“After cutting my knee badly on a reef while diving, I starting using HandeBalm and I was so impressed how fast it healed. Now that it is healed, you can hardly see where the scar was.”
SS – Australia

“My hands are always a mess. I work in a rodeo and get rope burns on my hands all the time. HandeBalm gives me immediate pain relief and helps my hands heal much faster.”
HW – Colorado

“I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago. During the accident my air bag was activated and I received a really bad friction burn on the side of my face. It was very painful. I used HandeBalm on the burn and the burning stopped immediately. Every car should have a jar of HandeBalm in the glove compartment.”
HR – Sweden